Ghost Gems   Installation-Parrish Museum, Southampton New York

Ghost Gems Installation-Parrish Museum, Southampton New York

Art is multi faceted.  What you see is determined by where you are in relation to a particular facet.  Move to the right or left and what you see changes.  Sometimes you see the brightness of the surface because, at that moment, it is highly reflective.  Then, from a different angle, you can look past the surface to the center and experience structure and meaning.

 I once saw a gem through a microscope.  In the center of the gem was a little chamber with fluid.  The fluid would flop back and forth as you moved the gem, just like the bubble in a carpenter’s level.  It amazed me that this chamber of liquid had been trapped in the gem for thousands of years.  My friend the geologist said it was considered a flaw by gemologists.  They call it an inclusion. He considered it a unique geological event.  He believed in the future gems with these inclusions would be considered more valuable than the “perfect” ones.